Paternity Testing is Forecast to Drastically Grow by 2026

DNA and paternity testing are a well-established and continually-growing market in the United States. MIT Technology Review reports the number of people participating in DNA testing doubled in 2017 alone. But did you know that DNA and paternity testing are a growing trend worldwide?

A new study from Transparency Market Research shows that the DNA testing market is rapidly growing worldwide and is set to make staggering revenues by 2026.

North America and Europe have the highest shares of the paternity testing market due to high social awareness of the importance of paternity testing. Advanced medical technology and accessible, well-established healthcare infrastructure also play major roles in claiming the top market share.

But the Asia Pacific region, ranked third, is expected to expand the fastest. “Large population, presence of key market players, participation of domestic companies, and technological advancements” are main factors in this expected growth.

Even though there are already plenty of competitors, a booming international DNA testing market will bring even more testing options. These might come in the form of take-at-home kits, new test centers, or additional services offered through medical professionals.

While new testing kits and centers will always come and go, you can count on the professional experience and dependability of our centers.

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