New Reasons to not use Generic DNA Kits

Generic Take-at-home DNA tests will likely by a trending gift for Christmas this year. It’s in several major 2018 Holiday Gift Guides, like USA Today. MIT Technology Review reports the number of people participating in DNA testing doubled in 2017.

But you must use a lot of caution with these kits.  They are frequently used for scams and identity theft.  And a doctor in Ireland brings us a new reason: Data Privacy.

Not all Companies Safeguard your Genealogical Data

Dr. Karlin Lillington signed up for an ancestry site online, and after receiving an overwhelming amount of ancestry advertisement emails and ads, she tweeted a strong warning. “DON’T DO THE DNA KITS,” Dr. Lillington tweeted. “Because YOU and your DNA are the PRODUCT they will sell elsewhere.”

On Facebook, Dr. Lillington continued that the kits are marketed for fun family history trivia or a little medical insight. They’re cheap and seem to make great gifts. But the reason they’re cheap is “to compile DNA databases that can be sold, for tens to hundreds of millions, to private companies, generally big pharma or med startups.”


At DNA Paternity Testing, you can rest assured that your results are safe with us! We use extreme measures to keep your medical information secure, especially with our home kits. We train all our staff on all HIPAA compliance policies and ensuring that all tests and counseling remain confidential.

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