California Case Raises Questions About DNA Safety

A recent California case has raised many alarming questions regarding the security of genetic information databases, who has access to them, and for what purposes.

The case involves the genetic information of a woman who was raped in 2016. But police didn’t use genetic information to find the woman’s rapist; no–police used the woman’s rape information to implicit her for another crime.

The woman in question was raped in 2016 and allowed her genetic information to be gathered to convict her rapist. Collecting the victim’s genetic information is standard procedure in these cases to determine the difference between the victim’s and criminal’s DNA. Further, the victim’s and criminal’s DNA is held in separate databases.

However, without her consent, the San Francisco police placed this woman’s genetic information in a database for suspected criminals.

Then, in 2021, genetic information gathered at an unrelated burglary flagged this woman as a potential suspect. Horrified, the prosecutor dropped the case once he learned of the DNA origin. But that hasn’t stopped people from worrying about the safety of their DNA.

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