Friends Before Sisters: A Reunification Story

They say friends are the family you can choose, but this reunification story is about two ladies who were friends before knowing they were biological sisters.

Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison have been friends for years. They met at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven when Madison’s Dominican flag tattoo caught Tinetti’s attention. Both Tinetti and Madison knew they were adopted from the Dominican Republic, so they were able to strike up a conversation that began their friendship.

As they spent more time together, Tinetti and Madison would be confused for sisters; nearly all their friends and acquaintances said they looked alike. Tinetti and Madison would politely decline the bond.

But about five years ago, their curiosity peaked. Were Tinetti and Madison sisters? The two took DNA tests and waited for weeks to hear the results.

Finally, the DNA results came! To their surprise and delight, Tinetti and Madison were biological sisters!

Madison connected with family in the Dominican Republic as they dove deeper into their family tree. She visited family last year, but Tinetti didn’t join her. She was anxious about meeting the family members. After hearing about Madison’s experience, Tinetti agreed to go.

The two sisters were reunited with their family this year at a huge family reunion in the Dominican Republic.

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