Is My DNA Safe?

More than 26 million people worldwide have taken DNA tests. Over the years, genetic testing has evolved from ancestral discovery and curiosity to promises of finding the perfect diet for your genes or predispositions to certain diseases or cancer.

Most people use a direct-to-consumer company like or 23andMe. With these companies, you purchase a test kit, spit into a tube, and mail your test to the company. A few weeks later, you’ll receive your results, which vary in detail depending on which test kit you purchased.

For most of us, the fun is over once the high of your results has worn off (for adoptees or refugees, their search may just be beginning). You’ll rarely think of your results again. But what does the company do with your genetic information?

The answer to this question may shock you. Once you have submitted your genetic information, it is no longer yours, and your privacy has been breached. The company essentially owns your DNA. Most companies don’t require your consent to share your information with pharmaceutical manufacturers, and even if they did, they reserve the right to change their policies at any time.

In 2018, GlaxoSmithKline paid 23andMe $300 million dollars for genetic information.  FamilyTreeDNA admited in 2019 that it gave genetic information to the FBI. There have also been countless database breaches, such as the breach to DNA Diagnostics Center in 2021.

The bottom line is that direct-to-consumer genetic companies are not careful with your genetic information. But DNA Paternity Testing has the highest privacy standards, so you can rest assured your DNA is safe with us.

DNA Paternity Testing provides rock-solid answers to important questions like parentage and ancestry. With over 2,000 centers nationwide, DNA Paternity Testing Centers is one of the largest, most affordable networks of accredited DNA testing labs in the United States. Our price is unbeatable without sacrificing quality. We offer DNA testing for paternity, maternity, and all other relationships (grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles).

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