Sisters Reunited After DNA Test

In 2018, DNA home test company MyHeritage gave away 15,000 test kits to adoptees to support their reunification with their biological families. The initiative, called DNA Quest, reunited countless individuals, including sisters Ashleigh Brown and Laurinda Collado.

Both sisters were born in the Dominican Republic to the same biological parents. Brown was adopted at 5 months old and grew up in Connecticut. Two years later when Collado was born, Brown’s parents were approached to adopt her. Brown’s parents turned down the offer and Collado was adopted at 6 weeks old and grew up in Barbados.

Brown and Collado each knew they had biological siblings, and they both feared they would never meet them. When DNA Quest was launched, Brown signed up.

Brown’s genetic results revealed a close match, but she thought it was only an aunt or cousin. But after emailing Collado, she discovered it was her sister!

The two spoke on the phone for two weeks and then decided to meet up in Canada.

Collado said, “My relationship with my sister is everything I have ever hoped and dreamed of. Not only is she my sister, but she is also my best friend.”

But there was more news for Brown! Collado had tracked down their entire biological family who still lived in the Dominican Republic. She had even flown to meet them. Now that she had her sister, her search was finally over.

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