Can DNA Kits Predict Your Death?

Direct-to-consumer DNA companies have advertised their test kits can do many things, from finding your ideal diet to predicting future diseases. Now, Dante Labs claims to have created a DNA kit that can predict your death and how to prevent it.

Dante Labs capitalizes on genome sequencing. According to Explore BioTech, genome sequencing analyzes DNA for “genetic diseases, gene therapy-based treatments, genetic engineering, and gene manipulation.”

Dante Labs uses genome sequencing to determine a patient’s likelihood of disease or what medications work best for their genetic makeup. They claim this will, in essence, determine someone’s cause of death and how they can prevent it.

This is an understandable claim: if you can predict a disease, you can potentially prevent it from happening. While genetic technology has undoubtedly made advancements, this promise stretches a bit too far. Genetic testing cannot determine your cause of death or how to prevent it because millions of factors play into the development of disease.

Although genetics play a factor, disease is not caused merely by genetics. For instance:

  • Diet – You are what you eat! Those who focus on nourishing foods have better health.
  • Exercise – Moving your body daily improves your mental, physical, and spiritual state.
  • Stress – Stressful jobs or lifestyles pushes your body to its maximum, which causes susceptibility to disease.
  • Living environment – The cleanliness of your home can affect your health.
  • Toxic exposure – Certain occupations, such as construction or healthcare, have higher levels of toxin or disease exposure.

So while genetic testing may offer some insights into your genetic makeup, take it with a grain of salt. There’s much more to living a healthy life than knowing what cards you were dealt genetically.

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