Mother Reunited with Son After Birth

As the saying goes, mother always knows.

After a three-year battle, a mother is finally reunited with her son. But this isn’t an ordinary reunification story.

On May 3, 2019, a woman named N Khanam gave birth to a boy at a medical college in Barpeta, India. Shortly after the delivery, Khanam had severe breathing issues. Her son also began to decline and needed emergency medical intervention, so he was transferred to the NICU. Later, the hospital staff informed Khanam that her son had died.

The grieving couple initially refused to take home the body but eventually changed their mind. But when the body was given to them, they claimed the child wasn’t theirs. Khanam returned to the hospital three days postpartum and found that another woman–with the name N Khutan–had given birth to a son at the same time as Khanam.

Khanam immediately filed a police case, claiming that the hospital had accidentally switched babies.

Nearly three years later when the case came to court, the judge ordered a DNA test to determine the child’s parentage. Khutan and her husband readily agreed, believing the child was theirs. However, the results showed that it was Khutan’s son who had died in the NICU. The child was returned to Khanam and her husband.

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