The Next DNA Trend: Vitamins

Many at-home DNA kits claim they can analyze the customer’s DNA and discover genetically-prone diseases or the key to weight loss. While this might be possible in the future, genetic interpretation hasn’t caught up to the science.

But that doesn’t mean other companies are waiting around for science to catch up.

The next big trend in capitalizing on DNA profiles comes from vitamin companies like Curos and Persona. These companies ask for your DNA results and then offer a personalized vitamin program based upon your nutrient needs.

Their claim is that as our soil becomes increasingly nutrient-deprived, we aren’t absorbing necessary nutrients through our food. Therefore, supplements are crucial to health. While there might be some truth to this theory, nutritionists aren’t sure that supplements and vitamins help at all.

Jennifer Cholewka, a metabolic nutrition support specialist and registered dietitian at Mount Sinai Hospital, says while the idea of personalized supplements is appealing in theory, Curos and Persona aren’t worth pursuing.

She says the questionnaires provided are too basic and don’t give a full assessment of the individual. It doesn’t take into account the person’s diet or lifestyle, which are often the biggest cause for nutrient deficiencies.

Further, since vitamins and supplements can alter metabolic and chemical balances in the body, they need to be added under the supervision of a physician.

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