Should I get a DNA test? 5 experts answer

The “boom” of take-at-home DNA is beginning to lessen. Privacy concerns, fraud, scams, incorrect information, and other issues are beginning to catch up with genetic testing companies. Now that it’s not quite so popular, are genetic tests still a good idea? Alexandra Hansen asked five experts what they thought.

David Krichhoffer, an ethicist, votes DNA testing is fine. However, you need to consider all the risks–such as inaccurate findings, findings you weren’t anticipating, and how the information might be used by employers or forensics–before giving away your genetic information.

Jane Tiller in public health genomics agrees with David, adding that all genetic results must be explained by a genetic counselor. Otherwise, your results are basically useless. For some people, this may be too much work.

Julian Savulescu, who works in biomedical ethics, is very enthusiastic about genetic testing. He believes there’s great and growing potential to understand how your genetics shapes rest of your life, and that this knowledge gives you power over your life. Martin Delatycki, a genetic researcher, also feels strongly in favor of genetic knowledge.

The lone doubter is Sylvia Metcalfe, a biochemistry professor. She cautions that many companies are too overstated in what they claim they can determine from genetics. She also says many companies interpret the same genetic material differently, which yields vastly different results. If you’re worried about medical symptoms, Metcalfe recommends seeing your physician first, who can order a DNA test if they feel it’s necessary. These referrals are to trustworthy testing companies and not direct-to-consumer companies.

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