Be wary of new test schemes

Genetic testing direct-to-consumer companies like Ancestry and 23andMe have experienced a decline in sales this year.

It’s not too surprising. The companies lapped up sales from roughly 30 million customers over a few years. But genetic tests don’t have a high returning customer rate. Once their curiosity is satisfied, customers understandably don’t feel the need to take another test.

But now direct-to-consumer companies are trying to make their sales goals and coming up with new ways to bring in new (or previous) customers.

New ideas in the pipeline include determining certain diseases and diabetes risks, heart disease risk, the likelihood of reacting to certain medications, and others.

As customers, this is where we need to be wary of such promises. We know that currently, genetic testing has outpaced the interpretation of such results. So when a company promises the next genetic breakthrough, we need to be cautious. It might just be bait to lure you in.

Once given to direct-to-consumer companies, genetic information is something you’ll never get back. Be cautious when deciding where to have your DNA tested.

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